Products and Services


  • Metro Limited manufactures and distributes a full range of aluminium trims to suit the Carpet, Vinyl, Wood Flooring and Tiling sectors of the trade.
  • The Metro range of aluminium doorbars are 100% made in New Zealand, from the original sourcing of the aluminium, extrusion, right through to processing and the final colouring (anodising) process. Metro Ltd also distributes several other ranges specialist aluminium products to round out our local production.


  • Metro Limited distributes a full range of adhesives for Carpet and Vinyl installation under the in-house Metman brand.
  • The Metman range of adhesives is a complete range of carpet and vinyl adhesives, manufactured locally in New Zealand to suit our unique New Zealand conditions. A well-established brand with full local backup and support, the Metman range of adhesives can be relied on to get the job done.

Floor Preparation

  • Metro Limited are distributors of the popular Roberts range of Floor Levelling Compounds as well as own Metman and Evertrex range of products.
  • The core products in the Roberts range are Roberts Rapid Patch 40 for patching, ramping and filling; Roberts Super Level 30 for smooth self-levelling and Roberts Fine Patch 35 for skim coating. Specialist primers and compounds round out the Roberts range. Metro Limited also has manufactured to specification the Evertrex FLC & Emulsion. This 2-part compound is an economical and robust patching, filling & ramping system with good hardness and flexibility due to the added Emulsion (latex) and has seen almost 20 years of successful use in the marketplace. Now also an official distributor of the Mapei range of Floor Levelling Compounds - contact your local Metro branch or sales representative for details.

Carpet Gripper

  • Metro Limited distributes a wide range of Carpet Gripper under the Metro brand, suitable for any standard or specialist installation.
  • Our contactor grade Carpet Gripper is a 5-ply, extra wide 25mm in width, come in 1.22mtr sticks and is 6.5mm in thickness. Other options for the tradesmen include Tri-Tack Carpet Gripper, which is 32mm wide, has 3 rows of pins and is ideal for commercial installations; Stubby Carpet Gripper, which has a shorter, thicker concrete nail to drive into hard concrete and Premium Carpet Gripper, a 7.5mm thick Carpet Gripper.


  • Metro Limited carry a large range of products including Crain and Roberts tools, thinline (MDF), sandpaper, underlay and much more.
  • With over 1500 individual stock items, Metro is truly a one stop shop for almost everything a flooring installer needs for the job.

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